Something about Yahoo Hack Day

好些天没写日志了,最近的空闲一直忙着各种计算机基础知识的复习,参加各种笔试面试,来为下半年的找工作做一个warming up


To reach hackvana you need three things:access,dada and an interface

Access is granted to you via feeds,web services and SDKs.

  1. Feeds are data in a predictable format, for example RSS.

Web services are quite similar, only they allow you to filter down the data you want.

  1. They also allow you to get the data in other formats to easily re-use it
  2. The idea of hacking is to use this data, mix it up with other ideas and other data to provide a better service for the end user.
  3. This is dead easy these days.
  4. There's Yahoo Pipes for mixing, filtering and matching. Or if you like SQL-style data conversion there's YQL.

  1. Both of these systems allow you to reach data from Yahoo and other services and preflter it for use in your own hacks.

Data however is not enough

  1. Building working web interfaces is a specialist skill.

The technologies are easy enough:

* HTML for structure
* CSS for presentation
* JavaScript for behaviour
  1. YUI,BluePrint,, Using these, you can quickly build interfaces that work on the web and mobiles.

  2. The newest way of access that systems and companies allow you these days is opening up their address books.
  3. Instead of building it and waiting till people come,build where the people are:

  4. And build with what they use already.